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We design for a world in which technology enhances humanity. To build this vision, we empower wisdom-keeping and sharing, uniting mentor’s wisdom and learner’s journey.


Tony Zuck

Company leadership

Tony’s role is multifaceted; he gathers facts and develops strategy, whether financial, communications, usability or to make folks laugh.

As a leading executive, he develops relationships with potential clients, manages operations and provides mentorship to the team. 

Igor Terzic

Technology development

Igor is an experienced full stack designer/developer with 15+ years of experience in education, mHealth and fintech.

He spearheaded many successful redesigns and deployed numerous platforms, always motivated by curiosity and desire to learn.

Slava Micic


Slava is an effective visual designer and communicator with agency and corporate experience in travel, infrastructure/green energy, tech and architecture.

She uses design, psychology and strategy to develop visual narrative and build meaningful brands, aligning business objectives with authentic storytelling and relationship building.

Dan Tatton

Business development

Dan is CEO and founder of Seven Movements Health Inc. and serves as an advisor/coach for many health start ups, also working as a business coach & consultant for heath focused entrepreneurs.

He has significant expertise and network in the health and wellness industry, specifically in healthcare, workplace wellness, and fitness.

Sheldon Lawrie


Sheldon is a brand-thinking visual imagineer, w/ 20 years helping brands distill & design identity, offerings and experiences, in order to tell their distinctly valuable story.

Well practiced in brand strategy + design method, a diverse aesthetic sense, he uses visual-language, metaphor & symbology to realize vision and bring big ideas to life.

Vanja Terzic


An engineer turned entrepreneur, Vanja leverages a broad spectrum of analytical and interpersonal skills to support businesses in realizing their authentic offering and to see the “humanity in business”.

Combining a unique combination of analytical, management and communication skills, he brings a holistic approach to address client needs.


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